Review: Personal Shopping and Styling Day with Marika

For my husband’s birthday this year, I paid for him to spend a day with another woman. They even had lunch together. All whilst I looked after the children at home… He came back a new man and can’t wait to do it again.

Luckily I know Marika well and was more than happy to pay someone to take my husband shopping.

I love a bit of shopping myself, but going shopping with my husband is no fun. Even when I dress it up as “lunch” then a few shops if we “happen to be passing” it’s still a pretty stressful experience. Moreso if we have the girls with us. Plus we’re usually at a bit of a loss on what to buy – usually resulting in buying whatever’s on the sale rail which may or may not be worn again…

So for Ben’s birthday I packed him off for the day with Marika. He’d already met her for a chat beforehand so she knew the kind of items and sizes Ben was looking for. Marika did her research well and came back with a location – St Albans – as well as a host of shops lined up with items she’d already spotted.

Ben met Marika on a Saturday morning and was greeted with a goodie bag and the promise of caffeine. At each shop Marika had identified items that were put aside for Ben to try, removing all the pain of his normal shopping experience. She had even negotiated discounts too!

Here’s how Ben looked afterwards (including his best “Blue Steel”…)

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And a quote from the man himself:

I’ve gone through my whole life dreading shopping. My trip with Marika was so well planned and stress free that it was really enjoyable. I came away with a wardrobe of new clothes and ideas and tried shops and styles I wouldn’t have necessarily considered for myself. I’m very happy with my new look.

Marika is a Fashion Stylist, Wardrobe Consultant and Personal Shopper. You can find out more about her and get in touch at