Review: Hartbeeps Baby Beeps in Baldock

I’ve been to one Hartbeeps class before with my (now) toddler a couple of years ago. In hindsight I think I was a bit miserable at the time and being faced with so much “happy” was a little bit much… I didn’t go back.

This time around though, I was quite excited at the prospect of taking my 8 month old little girl to Hartbeeps. She doesn’t get to do many things just for her – just gets dragged to toddler classes and groups with her big sister (a theme familiar to some of you I’m sure!).

This session had a farm theme. Little bug puppets were scattered around the garden as well as other sensory toys. Babies got to explore the hidden garden underneath the shimmering gold fabric. We got to “drive” our cars with our steering wheel and bouncing baby up and down across bumpy roads.

Farm animal toys were scattered around for babies to play with. I think Matilda’s favourite prop was definitely her farmer’s hat though! I think it suits her…

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The class is a riot of sound and colour – senses being bombarded from every angle. Kelly’s energy and enthusiasm is incredible. Babies and grown ups alike were totally captivated by the performance in front of us.

Blankets and pillows were passed around (for babies not grown ups, unfortunately…) as we came to wind down at the end of the session. Babies were entranced by the lights around the rooms as well as the gloves with LED fingertips we used to sing Twinkle Twinkle to finish.

Matilda loved it. I only wish I’d been taking her to Hartbeeps all along… She slept VERY soundly that afternoon too – lovely treat for Mum! Now to go back with my toddler and try out a Happy House class. Watch this space!

Want to try it for yourself?

Kelly runs classes in Baldock, Royston and Buntingford. Find out more about her classes.